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I have met my first mentor five year ago that has had a huge impact on me. The event was happening in Los Angeles, California.

While I was listening to her message with an on and off focus, I had the feeling that she was projecting beams of lights throughout the room. As I was paying more attention to her speech I felt uplifted, inspired, all of a sudden I was embraced with an immense feeling to learn everything she knew and even more.

It was evident just by looking at her that this person was surrounded with an aura of power and a feeling of well-being and unwavering confidence in her off-hands. Show demonstrated that she mastered freedom and wealth throughout her life. This person I am telling you about is Mary Morrissey.

After her speech, I waited patiently in the back of the room hoping to be able to speak to her as she was already submerged by several people. Finally my patience paid off as she was walking by me life gives me a window to speak with her. It is during that conversation that she told me that she was the president of a school that teach universal laws. The next day I was enrolled in her program.

Mary Morrissey is a student and a master of universal laws. She has devoted all her life learning on this subject. She has been mentored by Raymond Holliwell who wrote the book “Working with the Law”. Long before these principles became accepted by our society and the world.

As I studied her programs, teaching and works it became evident to me that I had an opportunity to surround myself with a group of great people. It was a privilege and an honor to have this message being delivered to me. It felt has if I was offered the key to heaven.

In the process of being a student of her school I was introduced to Mister Bob Proctor one star of the movie “The Secret”. It might be hard to believe but as of today, I never saw that movie, I read the book only. I did not know then but Bob Proctor would become my second mentor.

The fact that you are reading these lines is a sign that your life is ready to move beyond the border that you never dare imagine if you decide to apply these principles and laws in your life.

All I can do is wishing you the best in everything. May all your dreams and goals become reality!

     I have met my first mentor five year ago that has had a huge impact on me. The event was happening in Los Angeles, California.






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