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Everything is energy, the cell of your body, the atoms of your cell, your money in the bank, your computer screen, the planets, all living thing and all matter of the universe. It's not only just energy, but the exact same energy, a big ball of energy.

This is the same energy that, when aligned, create the flow state in you. But you can only align with it once you're aware of it.

So now, the question is : How can you be aware of this energy?

By using your imagination, by being clear and free of any blockage.

But what you need to know in order to understand the reasons why you experience challenge and pain, you must have clarity about your purpose and mission, why you have created these difficulties in your life, the healing you desire and your continuing search for wholeness and abundance. Without clarity, answers have no meaning or value, because to have clarity, you must also acknowledge your power and the control you have over every aspect of your life.

The search for wholeness and connection can never be completed because you cannot receive what you already have, and you cannot be given what is already yours by your divine birthright.

This is the gift of what clarity brings you, because with clarity you become aware of your light and your divinity and you can finally proclaim your sovereignty and you become the master in partnership with your spirit.

It is impossible to be at peace in the present moment when you are at war with the past.


You are a creator in a physical body. Whether you realize it or not, you are a manifestation machine, you are constantly manifesting.

By learning how to take control of this process you can not only manifest abundance and wealth, you can also work in harmony with your spirit and help others do the same.

Did you ever ask yourself what make the difference between those who have success and others? Continuous effort, not strength or intelligence is the key to unlocking your full potential.

Your brain is an electromagnetic switching station and it is the most complex machine in the universe, but it's only a machine, you are a spirit having a human experience. The key to obtain a life of abundance and realize your biggest dreams is to align the function of your brain, your thoughts, your beliefs, your habits, your emotions and your desires with your higher self, your soul. Building this bridge is the key to sparking magic in your life and it all start with learning how to be a better master of your own mind and his thoughts. Most people get this wrong. Some focus too much on the spirit, some too much on the brain, some on neither.

The question we must ask ourselves is : are you doing what you like? And do you like what you do?

Your life's mission will always engage and be in relation with what you like in a certain way and make a contribution for the improvement of humankind.

We can't change anything if we don't make any change.

Get paid to be yourself!


Our emotions are the messenger; it is the universal language, not just between all mankind but within the universe itself. The universe respond to emotion as if you were to drop food coloring into clear water. What you express as emotion your universe becomes. If you feel joy your universe radiate that joy all through it and the physical things that manifest in your future must somehow align and support that joy. All you have to do is flip the switch and let shine your positive emotions.

Take control of your happiness, your career, your finances and your peace of mind. Your emotions have been buried under years and years of unhealthy conditioning and they prevent you to express your creativity. You are constantly at someone else mercy, collapse that wall. The difference this time now is instead of having emotional reaction to circumstances you will express strong direct emotional creation like the gas that propel your car, emotion is what drives your imagination. The lessons are emotions, the understanding of them and the experience of them.

You cannot have the relationship you want unless you are the relationship you want.

Express the emotion of creation and relation you want.


You were born with an immune system, you knew how to breathe, you did not have to figure it out, it is natural you are design for that. You have access to everything you want, it is the same thing with the abundance. It is your justification that stop you, release the resistance.

You are living in a limited reality of your own making. Abundance is your true nature, you are wired for abundance but somewhere you have a subconscious program that stop you, you have been programmed for lack and those block stop you from getting the very thing you want in your life.

Money is a tool, an energy to do good things, to improve your life and the world. Clear your blockages to abundance. The wealth of money give you freedom to do what you like and you can influence and make a difference where you want most in financing an humanitarian cause of your choice or in starting your own.

Change and transform yourself into a catalyst for positive change for the planet by inspiring others with your success and abundance and having financial means to support your favorite charities or spark a social movement in your community.

Ask yourself how much my blockages for money are costing me?

Your negative program are running on you 24/7, that's why you don't get what you want, they interfere with your manifestation power.

Ways to change wealth programing :

1- Make a choice for change;
2- Bless things and be grateful it's already in your life;
3- Connect to the oneness and source energy;
4- Delete and add new programming.

Ask what would it take?

What would it take for this to happen in my life?


Meditation is a key and has many benefits. More than three thousands studies have been done, including a recent one from the prestigious Harvard Medical School, and it prove that meditation has countless benefits for the body and mind.

Meditation allow you to connect to your spirit and your guidance, it allow you to focus in your daily activities, to be more calm. Be conscious and in perfect harmony with your spirit.

Love is your natural state at birth, fear is what you learn here.

If you live in fear, you are in the past.
If you live in worry, you are in the future.
If you live in peace, you are in the present.

Meditation is like masturbation, you are in the present because you like that, you enjoy it!

Have Sex with God every day!

     I have met my first mentor five year ago that has had a huge impact on me. The event was happening in Los Angeles, California.






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